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Proembrion Mural "Exuberant" F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion Mural “Exuberant” F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion continues to push the envelope with his digitally inspired murals. “Exuberant” proves to be a massive explosion of color and digital traces that pass in between the real and digital world. The mural painted for the Frame Festival was also documented by a time lapse video that you can view above. GF
Walls Update Seikon

Walls Update Seikon

Seikon has remained active over the summer, here is a set of new walls from the Polish artist. Working in a geometric non-objective style Seikon continues to push the tradition of geometric influenced subject matter in the realm of urban art. It is a great time to be able watch today’s artist push the boundaries...