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Photo Recap Remi Rough "Home" at Scream Editions

Photo Recap Remi Rough “Home” at Scream Editions

HOME alludes to London itself and is a return home for the artist – the first solo exhibition of new works by Remi Rough in London since 2009. Remi Rough was born in South East London in 1971 and has lived and worked in the city ever since. He is a leading figure within the...
Preview Duncan Jago "NIL" at The Unit London

Preview Duncan Jago “NIL” at The Unit London

NIL | MR. JAGO | OCTOBER 2015 from Unit London on Vimeo. Make sure not to miss Duncan Jago’s recent exhibition of new work “Nil” at the The Unit in London. The Unit London shot a great teaser video of a commissioned Mural that Duncan painted in prelude to the exhibition. You can listen to...
Recap Sepe "The Golden Age Of Grotesque"

Recap Sepe “The Golden Age Of Grotesque”

Here is a Photo Recap of Sepe’s recent Solo Exhibition which took place in London last week. The exhibition “The Golden Age of Grotesque” opened at London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Below is a well written statement about Sepe and the Exhibition. GF SEPE: EVOLUTION OF REVOLUTION The path from graffiti to canvas is no longer...
Preview Askew and Fintan Magee "Oceanic"

Preview Askew and Fintan Magee “Oceanic”

We are excited to see Askew and Fintan Magee’s double exhibition “Oceanic” open this week in London. We got some preview images to share and strongly suggest you make the trip and see the work in person. Oceanic is a double exhibition that will have a focus on the Pacific region as Askew and Fintan...
Shok-1 and Remi Rough "Neon Burner" London

Shok-1 and Remi Rough “Neon Burner” London

Shok-1 and Remi Rough teamed up once again to work this recent mural loosely titled “Neon Burner”. Located in the heart of London not too far from the Tate Modern the artists chose to reminisce a little bit with the Neon Color pink. We might take having such colors readily available in 10 different brands...
Wall Update Remi Rough and 2501 in London

Wall Update Remi Rough and 2501 in London

2501 visited London and teamed up with Remi Rough to collaborate on this beautiful wall. Ying and yang as far as form yet perfectly able to contrast each other. Its always great to see top tier artists build something together with collaborations. GF
Preview Pro176 "LIQUID MECANISM" at Pure Evil Gallery

Preview Pro176 “LIQUID MECANISM” at Pure Evil Gallery

  Pro176 will debut his first solo exhibition”Liquid Mecanism” of 2014 at London’s Pure Evil Gallery March 6th. Here is a preview set of images and the artist working on some of the pieces for the show. A colorful combination of super heroes letterforms are intertwined in the moving forms of his paintings. Abstract versions...
SHOK-1 "X-Rainbow" at Pictures on Walls London

SHOK-1 “X-Rainbow” at Pictures on Walls London

Shok-1 was finally able to put together a full set of images from his most recent solo exhibition “X-Rainbow” at Pictures on Walls. X-Rainbow is a diverse body of work ranging from paintings, prints, installations, and a mixture mediums and subject matter. The common palette is in line with the title of the show with...
Video and Photo Update Shok-1 and Remi Rough Wholecar in London

Video and Photo Update Shok-1 and Remi Rough Wholecar in London

Wholecar from Remi Rough on Vimeo. Shok-1 and Remi Rough just released this video and set of pictures of a recent whole car the two artists collaborated on in East London. Both artists have been busy as well. Shok-1 is preparing for his solo exhibition at POW next week, we hope to have a preview...
Video Graphic Surgery The Canals Project

Video Graphic Surgery The Canals Project

Graphic Surgery from cedar lewisohn on Vimeo. This video was just released documenting the recent mural installation from Graphic Surgery in London. The project was curated by Cedar Lewisohn and part of the larger Canals Project. An excellent video that captures the artists in action as well as discussion about their work. GF The Canals...
Walls Update Part2ism "Charged Monochrome" in London

Walls Update Part2ism “Charged Monochrome” in London

Its good to see Part2ism on the streets again. Here is his latest wall which also resembles more of an installation or mix media sculptural relief. The wall was painted and installed in London. A monochromatic installation that utilizes spray paint and actual metal grids that are used as much to add texture and utilized...
Artist Feature Cain Caser

Artist Feature Cain Caser

  We introduce you to the work of London based painter Cain Caser. Cain is another graffiti artist in his youth turned established artist as an adult. Working in an abstract collage like manner Cain destroys old sketches and paintings to recreate new works. The bright colored deconstructed forms move between intense color and the...