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Krzysztof "Proembrion" Syruć for Oskar Hansen "Open Form" Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć for Oskar Hansen “Open Form” Barcelona

Krzysztof “Proembrion” Syruć participated in a design production of Oskar Hansen’s ‘Open Form’ exhibition in MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporari de Barcelona). The opening was 10th of june and featured new work and installations from the artist. Here is a quote about his portion of the project. “I’ve done a part, that is the reconstruction and...
Proembrion Mural "Exuberant" F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion Mural “Exuberant” F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion continues to push the envelope with his digitally inspired murals. “Exuberant” proves to be a massive explosion of color and digital traces that pass in between the real and digital world. The mural painted for the Frame Festival was also documented by a time lapse video that you can view above. GF
Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć "Transition" Urban Forms Lodz

Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć “Transition” Urban Forms Lodz

  I have been waiting patiently to see the finished photo’s from Proembrion‘s finished piece “Transition” for what feels like forever. We were blessed with a full inbox of edited pictures of what I have to say is Proembrion’s most ambitious mural to date. Painted in Lodz Poland as part of the organization Urban Forms...
Mural Update "OGARNA 2.0" by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Mural Update “OGARNA 2.0” by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Urban Forms Foundation continues to raise the bar with their public art projects. The newest project “Orgarna 2.0 was put together by Urban forms and took place in Old town of Gdansk Poland. The artists included Mariusz M-city Waras, Daniel Chazme, Krzysztof Syruć Proembrion, Wojciech Otecki, Bartek Świątecki Pener, Cekas, Adam Romuald Kłodecki, Maciej Pakalski,...