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Revok & Pose "Uphill Both Ways" Photo Recap and Commentary

Revok & Pose “Uphill Both Ways” Photo Recap and Commentary

  I know its a little late as this show has been covered numerous times the last couple of weeks but I still feel that it is important to reckognize this exhibition, besides that TheFlopbox published some amazing pictures of the exhibition that gives us a new look at the exhibition of new work from...
Preview How & Nosm "Late Confessions" Pop Up Exhibition Jonathan Levine

Preview How & Nosm “Late Confessions” Pop Up Exhibition Jonathan Levine

We were able to get some preview pics for you of the anticipated solo exhibition from How and Nosm. The pop up exhibition put together by Jonathan Levine Gallery is titled “Late Confessions”. Judging by the pictures and others that have surfaced “Late Confessions” looks to be How & Nosm’s biggest show to date. Intricate...