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Video Honet "Initiation to Fantastic Realism" at Ruttkowski 68

Video Honet “Initiation to Fantastic Realism” at Ruttkowski 68

Honet, ‘Initiation to Fantastic Realism’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany) from Ruttkowski;68 on Vimeo. Honet recently exhibited at Ruttkowski 68. The solo exhibition titled “Initiation to Fantastic Realism” focused on a illustrating and developing personal experiences through his travels and adventures as a graffiti artist. Graffiti art has been Honet’s reality, and with the exhibition Honet reflects on...
Paris "PAL CREW" Crack & Shine Season 2 Episode 2

Paris “PAL CREW” Crack & Shine Season 2 Episode 2

Crack & Shine released this new video from PAL Crew in Paris. Great documenting of one of the most prolific crews in Paris. Well shot video with some great interviews and action shots. PAL is definitely doing some of the most progressive graffiti in the world right now, not only holding down their city of...