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Mural Update Proembrion 'Modular Sequence'

Mural Update Proembrion ‘Modular Sequence’

Proembrion continues to experiment with Glitch and experimental abstract compositions based on manipulating numbers and digital sequences. In his most recent mural “Modular Sequence” Proembrion captures in analog one of these digital experiments. In the artists words “The 64×64 pixel composition was selected from the results of crossing variations of simple images. The RGB-Colored Modular...
Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć "Transition" Urban Forms Lodz

Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć “Transition” Urban Forms Lodz

  I have been waiting patiently to see the finished photo’s from Proembrion‘s finished piece “Transition” for what feels like forever. We were blessed with a full inbox of edited pictures of what I have to say is Proembrion’s most ambitious mural to date. Painted in Lodz Poland as part of the organization Urban Forms...