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Mural Update "OGARNA 2.0" by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Mural Update “OGARNA 2.0” by Urban Forms Foundation in Gdansk Poland

Urban Forms Foundation continues to raise the bar with their public art projects. The newest project “Orgarna 2.0 was put together by Urban forms and took place in Old town of Gdansk Poland. The artists included Mariusz M-city Waras, Daniel Chazme, Krzysztof Syruć Proembrion, Wojciech Otecki, Bartek Świątecki Pener, Cekas, Adam Romuald Kłodecki, Maciej Pakalski,...


Seikon exhibited new work at Klub ŻAK in Gdansk Poland. The work self titled “Collages” is a reference to the work exhibited. Working in assemblage and collage Seikon further establishes his geometric influenced work. As is the case with many of the abstract urban artists there is more to the geometry, at first what seems...