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Proembrion Mural "Exuberant" F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion Mural “Exuberant” F[R]AME-FESTIVAL

Proembrion continues to push the envelope with his digitally inspired murals. “Exuberant” proves to be a massive explosion of color and digital traces that pass in between the real and digital world. The mural painted for the Frame Festival was also documented by a time lapse video that you can view above. GF
Proembrion at Traffic Design Festival Poland

Proembrion at Traffic Design Festival Poland

  Proembrion one of Poland’s emerging contemporary artists painted his mural for Traffic Design Festival. The mural is based upon one of the artist’s Glitched images. Normally working from a more mathematical formula the artist instead freestyles the mural referencing this particular series from the artist. It is refreshing to see geometrical images used in...