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Morik Mural Update Art Basel Miami

Morik Mural Update Art Basel Miami

Morik made the trek to Miami’s Wynwood district for Art Basel 2014. The Russian artist working in a deconstructive figurative style he focused on in his words “I was inspired with the problem of cuban migration to the USA. Everyone has the right for a better life.”. GF
Preview and Video Poesia and Raptuz Dual Solo Show "Deconstructions"

Preview and Video Poesia and Raptuz Dual Solo Show “Deconstructions”

“Deconstructions” – Art Exhibition Preview from Pluckyshotme on Vimeo. Poesia Raptuz Poesia and Raptuz will be in Miami this week painting walls as long as getting ready for their duo Solo exhibitions at Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery in Miami. The exhibition titled “Deconstructions” will be in collaboration with Hausammann Gallery from Italy and feature...
Kidghe Walls Update

Kidghe Walls Update

Here a couple of recent walls from Mexican artist Kidghe. We love how raw these new works are deconstructed renderings, wildstyle, architectural drawings Kidghe is able to capture several of his influences. We are excited to see what he has in store next month for “A Major Minority” a group exhibition that we are curating....
Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć "Transition" Urban Forms Lodz

Krzysztof PROEMBRION Syruć “Transition” Urban Forms Lodz

  I have been waiting patiently to see the finished photo’s from Proembrion‘s finished piece “Transition” for what feels like forever. We were blessed with a full inbox of edited pictures of what I have to say is Proembrion’s most ambitious mural to date. Painted in Lodz Poland as part of the organization Urban Forms...
Recap "L'Avenir" Graffuturism Group Exhibition at White Walls Gallery

Recap “L’Avenir” Graffuturism Group Exhibition at White Walls Gallery

Full Set of Pictures and available work Here online. Thank you for all that came out to see the show and supported the exhibition. I also want to thank those that helped me with the editing and process of writing the curatorial statement and without their help wouldn’t have happen, Daniel Feral, Carlos Mare, and...
Preview Jaybo Monk 'The Space Between' at Kellenbach Gallery Amsterdam

Preview Jaybo Monk ‘The Space Between’ at Kellenbach Gallery Amsterdam

THE SPACE BETWEEN do you see the space between us it is barely a hand, a breath, a word. it is mountains and oceans. it is either and or, both and neither it is what we do forget. all hanging on the nail of fear. my dream´s broken jaw Jaybo       When we...
Mural Update Sepe and Pener "Swim to Freedom"

Mural Update Sepe and Pener “Swim to Freedom”

  It seems that although Fall approaches artists are still able to get out and paint some walls before winter. Sepe and Pener finished this mural with the help of 5 selected assistants that were prisoners in a local prison. The mural titled “Swim to Freedom” was a concept designed also with ideas and input...
Recap Clemens Behr "Disassembly Lines" Penindaplinena Gallery

Recap Clemens Behr “Disassembly Lines” Penindaplinena Gallery

Opening: Friday 20 September 2013, 20:00   Clemens Behr opens another impressive exhibition, this time in Cypress at Penindaplinena Gallery. The show titled “Disassembly Lines” showcases new work built for the exhibition. Clemens usually creates all work insitu creating a consistent parallel to his street work. This exhibition is another example of the evolving vision...
Recap Mirko "Daim" Reisser  and Lokiss "ABSTRACTION 21" at Helene Bailly Gallery

Recap Mirko “Daim” Reisser and Lokiss “ABSTRACTION 21” at Helene Bailly Gallery

  When I first seen the flyer to this show a couple months ago I was very excited and also intrigued to see what type of work 2 of our cultures pioneers would exhibit together. The exhibition opened last Thursday in Paris at Helene Bailly Gallery. With “Abstraction 21” the curator Valeriane Taxie Gallery set...
Recap "(de)Constructions" Group Exhibition at Backslash Gallery

Recap “(de)Constructions” Group Exhibition at Backslash Gallery

“(de)Constructions” a group exhibition held at Paris Backslash Gallery opened last week. The lineup included new work from the talented Boris “Delta” Tellegen as well as Rero, Xavier Theunis, and Michael Zelehoski. “Showcasing four artists who hail from four different countries, but who all use codes and forms centering on the theme of construction and...
BEZT & PENER "THE HEALER" Street Art Communication Festival

BEZT & PENER “THE HEALER” Street Art Communication Festival

Pener and Bezt from the Etam crew were next up for the Street Art Communication Festival. Another massive mural that juxtaposes representational vs deconstructive geometric elements. Their mural “The Healer” is a collaborative effort that enables each artist to utilize their strengths, Bezt with the figure and Pener with geometric form. The contrasting colors also...
Walls Update RTUE

Walls Update RTUE

Here are a couple of recent walls from Ukranian artist Rtue. We came across the work of Rtue on our Flickr group page and were impressed with the his most recent walls. The abstracted and glitched murals start with letters yet are deconstructed to create a impressive new composition. In his most recent mural the...