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Video Smogtown presents "Alphabet Soup" Group exhibition Recap

Video Smogtown presents “Alphabet Soup” Group exhibition Recap

Los Angeles has a deep history with graffiti and the letter form. You could say this tradition parallels and argue predates other historical graffiti. Los Angeles letterform has a long tradition dating back the 40’s when gangs would use brushes instead of spray paint to mark their neighborhoods. Chaz Bjorquez one of the artists in...
"LA Freewalls Inside" Group Exhibition at LaLa Gallery

“LA Freewalls Inside” Group Exhibition at LaLa Gallery

We traveled to Los Angeles last month to attend the inaugural show of newly established LaLa Gallery. Daniel Lahoda who has been a longtime supporter of Los Angeles artists, and who also established the successful LA Freewalls project, has now taken the show indoors and created LaLa Gallery. La Freewalls has been helping Los Angeles...