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BATES JURNE & GREAT "It’s All About the Letters Exhibition"

BATES JURNE & GREAT “It’s All About the Letters Exhibition”

Its All About Letters from KowalMichal on Vimeo.   Jurne just posted these preview pictures and video in his site. Looks to be a great show with a great theme “It’s all about the letters”. GF     “Known for writing text with color in the streets of Copenhagen and Oakland, California, these A.B.C. “Abecedarians”...
Bates New Works "Streets of Copenhagen" Street art meets Graffiti

Bates New Works “Streets of Copenhagen” Street art meets Graffiti

  We ran across these new Bates images in the Graffuturism thread on It looks like Bates has been putting in some work on canvas, and starting to push into new directions. Bates is a true Hall of Famer in graffiti. He has shaped and mastered the art of style for decades now. It...
New Walls Shok-1 & Bates Ravenna Italy

New Walls Shok-1 & Bates Ravenna Italy

Here are some pictures from Shok-1 and Bates who recently painted new walls in Ravenna Italy as part of the Rigenerarte Festival. Looking over the pictures from the event, it seemed to by a nice jam. We were impressed with the walls painted by all the artists in the event but we wanted to focus...