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Preview Zoer "Perpetuum Mobile" and Velvet "Zone Autonome" at Openspace Gallery Paris

Preview Zoer “Perpetuum Mobile” and Velvet “Zone Autonome” at Openspace Gallery Paris

Zoer Velvet   We have been looking forward to this show for months and it kicks off 2014 as one of the exhibitions to remember. We were glad to team up with Openspace Gallery Paris as a media partner and get exclusive previews to the exhibition. Zoer and Velvet have spent countless hours putting in...
Recap Gris 1 at Gallery At Down

Recap Gris 1 at Gallery At Down

  Gris 1 put on a significant exhibition at Gallery At Down in MONTPELLIER France. The solo exhibition contained numerous mix media pieces some paintings and a intense installation. The installation is remarkable, building a miniature neighborhood with trains, figures, and graffiti. The miniature city is painted in a white washed palette with touches of...
Preview "THE COMPOSITE KNOWLEDGE" Jaybo Monk Poesia Samuel Rodriguez at 1AM Gallery

Preview “THE COMPOSITE KNOWLEDGE” Jaybo Monk Poesia Samuel Rodriguez at 1AM Gallery

  Here are some preview pictures courtesy of Scott la Rockwell from the upcoming 3 man exhibition that will take place this week at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco titled “The Composite Knowledge’. Curated by Mike Bam the exhibition will feature new work from featured artists Jaybo Monk, Samuel Rodriguez, and Poesia. The show will...