Felipe Pantone opened a impressive exhibition of new work at Backwoods Gallery. The solo exhibition titled “Stereodynamica” references and one of the key concepts when viewing the work is the artists use of stereoscopy and stereograms. Felipe Pantone who in previous work references multiple aspects of 3d modeling, Glitch, and motion graphics has now expanded these concepts to create intense new works based on the idea of 2 paintings creating a 3d effect through the stereograms. Understanding the underlying concept of the work allows the viewer to experience the work first as a painting and possibly reading each painting one at a time which is traditionally how we view work. Pantone has created 2 paintings when viewed correctly are viewed a one, this stereogram creates a sense depth illusion explained in this brief quote “Stereoscopy, sometimes called stereoscopic imaging, is a technique used to enable a three-dimensional effect, adding an illusion of depth to a flat image. Stereopsis, commonly (if imprecisely) known as depth perception, is the visual perception of differential distances among objects in one’s line of sight.”. Conceptually it is a very interesting direction for Pantone and we are excited to see where he takes this series of work. All around an excellent exhibition that we recommend.


In this series entitled Stereodynamica, Felipe continues his love affair with progress and forward motion, pushing his works even further to the extreme. Each piece is presented as two pieces, forming a stereogram image, adding a third dimension, an image hidden within an image. His versatility in techniques and mediums creates intriguing compositions, challenging perspectives both literally and figuratively. His artworks aim to hypnotize, to evoke glitches inside the viewer as well as on canvas. Juxtaposing defined forms and blurred shapes, the monochrome and the vibrant, all meticulously executed with razor-sharp accuracy, the intriguing original art of Felipe Pantone continues to stand out in our contemporary world.