We were excited to see Graphic Surgery exhibit a recent body of work from the past year at San Francisco’s new 886 Geary Gallery. The self titled exhibition featured a little of everything from the artistic duo. Working in collage, assemblage as well as sending instructions for a site specific mural to be installed at the Gallery Graphic Surgery seemed to capture a range of mediums with the exhibition. It was interesting to see the minimal mural installation that exemplifies so much about the artists, clean minimal yet complex in its placement amongst work that was also reproduced in some fashion or another. It was the use of new technology, contrasting reproduction methods of creating work with the age old assemblage of the pieces finished by the artist. This contrast continued in the work highly textured hand sprayed work on paper stands next to polished and precise cuts on wood. Overall an impressive exhibit from the Duo as they enter San Francisco with success. We encourage you to stop by the Gallery while its still running.


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886 Geary Gallery is pleased to present “Graphic Surgery”, a solo exhibition in one of our Project Spaces at 886 Geary Gallery. The opening reception will be Saturday, Jun 13th, from 7-11 pm, the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through Jul 4th, 2015.

About ‘Graphic Surgery’ at 886 Geary Gallery:
In their very first solo exhibition in the USA, Graphic Surgery will exhibit in one of the project spaces of 886 Geary Gallery showing a varied selection of works. Introducing American viewers with a variety of work, the exhibition shows recent and brand new works, created specifically for this exhibition. Being a project space exhibition, they focused on small and medium sized works with a lot of attention to detail. The focus is on material, depth/ layering and very limited use of color.

Industrial structures and construction cranes are their main source of inspiration and are a returning element in their work. The construction cranes symbolize the fascination the artists have for the continuously changing urban environment.

About The Artists
Graphic Surgery (Amsterdam)
Over the years the works by Graphic Surgery have been exploring the boundaries of different techniques and genres within their trademark style. The artist duo freely moves from paintings, to murals, videos and installations while maintaining their systematic aesthetics of diagonal lines, geometric planes and a mostly black and white non-colour scheme.
Graphic Surgery is formed by Erris Huigens (1978) and Gysbert Zijlstra (1978).