We have been able to witness first hand the transformation of Clemens Behr’s solo Exhibition “Variety of (N)one” at Mirus Gallery in San Francisco over the past weeks. Clemens arrived in San Francisco for a residency where he would transform the space of the Gallery into an immerse sculptural experience. Normally working insitu with industrial materials Clemens sculpts and builds objects that are on the border of Painting and Sculpture, a hybrid of texture material and mediums. Mirus Gallery had saved rooms full of what might normally be trash from a recent remodel of their building for the artist ahead of his arrival. When Clemens arrived he was greeted with rooms full of debris and found material to reclaim as he saw fit bringing life into the discarded remnants.

For the Exhibition Variety of (N)one the artist has erected a intense body of work ranging from sculpture, painting and installation. We were able to get some in progress pictures of the artist working to share with you. Every time I see Clemens create a body of work I am impressed by his ability to adapt to his surroundings and utilize material native to his location, he has once again turned something ordinary into something extraordinary. An intense exhibition that we strongly suggest visiting.


All Photos courtesy of Brock Brake

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present the first U.S. solo show from Berlin-based artist Clemens Behr in Variety of (N)one. Using materials gathered from an extensive remodel of the 540 Howard Street compound, Behr will exhibit large-scale installations, sculpture, assemblage, collage, and new paintings created during a one month residency at Mirus Gallery. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 16, from 6 to 10 PM, and will be on view through June 13, 2015.

In Variety of (N)one, Behr approaches sculpture and painting as a highly conscious action of choice. The artist was presented with a vast array of options, materials, and tools to create this body of work. As there were literally no limitations placed upon Behr, the artist had to deeply consider the endless variations of usage possible. Even in the pronunciation of the show title, a choice must be made.

The 540 Howard Street compound has an eclectic, artistic history beginning with Club DV8 where Keith Haring was commissioned to create a special site-specific mural in 1986. Continuing that heritage, Paul Hemming established Temple Nightclub in 2007, a venue for artists by artists, and Mirus Gallery in 2012. The compound underwent an extensive remodel in 2015, and is the main source of materials used in this exhibition: from warehouse and basement finds such as ID scanners and event lighting, to rooftop airconditioner ducts and wind protection panels. Inline with the compound’s eco-conscious business model, Behr’s artistic aesthetic of using repurposed and upcycled materials is a perfect match.

The city of San Francisco plays an underlying role throughout the exhibition with quick appearances seen in the color palette, collage, and salvaged materials. Variety of (N)one is an homage to the city in which the artist lived, worked, and found inspiration from during his one month residency.