cosmogramma from bartek Świątecki on Vimeo.

Pener Opens a New Solo Exhibition this week “Cosmogramma” at Inoperable Gallery. Pener has been one of Poland’s talented emerging artists working in abstract and deconstructive style. Also being one of the pioneers of Graffuturism, collaborating with a core of Polish artists who have shaped the movement. The new body of work continues his exploration into finding rhythm and movement without embracing the letter form. The new territory has lead to an expanded range of concept and aesthetics. We encourage you to make exhibition if you are anywhere near Vienna.


Vernissage: Thursday, May 7th 2015

Duration of Exhibition: May 8th – June 27th 2015

Bartek “Pener” Świątecki’

When you are a graffiti artist, your whole world is shaped by letters, so running away from them seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

However, it appears to be even more complicated to turn your name into something that is inter subjectively communicative. Then you change your language, and the imagery seizes being univocal. The alphabet evolves into surfaces, words become shapes and the meanings move between colors and lines.

Therefore, the works created by Bartek / Pener / Świątecki cannot be understood if we do not take into account the years of his street activities. Only then can we know the way he paved as an artist and his WRITER’S BACKGROUND will be the code to decipher his abstract figures. The figures which absorb the canvas and tell us far more than it appears while seeing the painting superficially.

The code embedded in the lines is not only the formal measure and the composition based on geometry is much more than just surfaces built on one another. The series of work titled „Cosmogramma” by Bartek / Pener / Świątecki can be interpreted through the variation put forward by him, i.e. referring to the very moment when Bartek abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style.

The search has become a new genre called Graffuturism, which today constitutes the indispensable part of the modern art.

Bartek / Pener / Światecki repeatedly refers to the ideas from his beginnings and in that way, the harmony of his studio works is broken by dirt and damp patches and the typographic elements convey the consistance and perrenial efforts made to develop the unique style that characterises all Bartek’s creativity.

-Cezary Hunkiewicz / BrainDamage