All Photos courtesy of @LunaPark

EKG has extended his takeover of NYC in streets to engulf upon Skewville laboratories, resting for a moment before he again sets out into the city engulfing everything in his path. EKG is a phenomena, a lighting of energy and pulse that transmits across the city through orange tags with mean streaks and spray paint. Every now and again if you are lucky you will catch a intricate diagram made by the artist as he rests for a second before moving out. These diagrams and enigmatic markings are the core of “EKG ♥ NYC”, where the artist recreates these moments of rest in the city allowing for time to transmit more than just the EKG symbol. The whole installation is a reflection of the city and its heightened sense frequencies, data transmissions, energy and chaos. Working in his signature Black and Orange the artist is able to clarify the chaos a bit with a 2 color palette, this allows you try to encrypt the diagrams of EKG. There is a certain mood set by the artist dark dense with information, soft light is visible as fog creeps into the background. Its a familiar environment reminiscent of dark alleys, empty streets at the early morning hours of the night where the artist I would guess spends most of his time painting in the city. Even in this empty moment where people are removed from the streets EKG sees an opportunity to take some time to rest and build a diagram before someone comes and interrupts the coding. EKG continues to build an important dialogue between the streets and these spaces of rest where he can develop thoughts in the layup as Mare139 would call it. A place to take some time but not rest too long because the city is the real canvas for EKG one that brings him the largest means of transmission and communication. A place where the artist can exist as a living entity not just a product of the market. Hats off to EKG for an impressive show and make sure to make it Feb 28th for the closing party.


Queens, New York – NYC-based graffiti writer, EKG, is pleased to present the closing reception of “EKG ♥ NYC” on
Saturday, February 28th, 2015, 6-10pm at Skewville Laboratories, 35-18 37th St, Long Island City, Queens, New York.
Since the opening of the “EKG ♥ NYC” exhibition on Friday, February 13th, the night before Valentine’s Day, EKG has been building up his installation for the closing reception. The looming construction is an abstract silhouette of New York’s cityscape, compiled of found objects, such as radars, tridents, spools, milkcrates, ladders, cages, chairs, crutches, paint rollers, fish poles, and more, which are all painted with his iconic black and orange color scheme. The walls of this black box gallery are covered with cryptic orange diagrams and the ceiling is strung with satellites, spaceships, planets, and transmission signals. The gloomy environment is barely lit by the vibrating glow of vintage filament lamps and engulfed in an atmospheric haze billowing from a heavy metal concert fog machine. All these elements are composed as an altar to channel the Aetherial Semiotosphere, that interstitial space between the physical and the cerebral, the quantum medium containing the resonance between all things, our auras and energies, chimeras and wraiths, apparitions and projections, illuminations, emanations, vibrations, palpitations, oscillations, transmissions, frequencies, broadcasts, signals, ripples, waves, pulses, and blips.

The exhibition was intended on its original date as an All Hallows’ Valentine’s Eve celebration of misfit love, mutant science, and aesthetic rebellion. The exhibition is also an homage to Keith Haring’s legendary Pop Shop, but as if it was created by Tim Burton, Marilyn Manson, Walter White and Stephen Hawking. The closing ceremony will again feature the Doomdronecore performance by avant-garde electronic artist, Jefferson Wells, and an animated collage of EKG’s work on the streets by photographer Mag3.
Closing Reception – Saturday, February 28th, from 6-10 PM
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