Ata “Toast” Bosaci will open “Beautiful Facebook Fifteen seconds of fame” an exhibition based on his digital portraits. The Facebook portraits focus the artists gaze on the social relevance of digital relationships and our growing reliance on these digital relationships. Digital portraits are a symbol of a digital replication of this new reality.


A warm welcome to the exhibition series “Beautiful Facebook – 15 Seconds of Fame” by Swiss painter and graffiti writer Ata “Toast” Bozaci. The exhibition showcases a composite of his portraits of Facebook, a digital gallery of faces, or quite literally, a «face book». Bozaci will reveal his social network locational and thus in a network with SOON Gallery in Bern and Artstübli in Basel. Come and join us on the opening of his tour, The Trace Gallery being the first knot exploring the theme of self-representation in social media. The Artist will be present.

“Beautiful Facebook – Fifteen Seconds of Fame” is on tour.
Next Opening Ceremonies:

THU 19.03.15

Lorrainestrasse 69
CH-3014 Bern

FRI 08.05.15

Steinentorberg 28
CH-4051 Basel