*Update Here is a set of photos from the exhibition after installations were finished. A great show and turnout.

Un-Formal a 2 person exhibition opens tonight in San Francisco’s 886 Geary Gallery. Geso and Poesia will exhibit a new series of work based off Un-formal approaches to painting, some call it abstract but the work is deeper than a cliche category. With a Large Installation planned by Poesia and Intense color paintings made by Geso both seem poised to further their reach within the Graffiti/Urban art genre. We caught up with Poesia in the studio and documented his new series of Wall works where he systematically builds up and destroys the surface through a series of sanding and repainting. We hope to see you there.



Photo Courtesy of Pluckyshotme

“Unformal” Geso and Poesia will exhibit a new series of work that embodies the concept of Un-Formal, work that is not defined by historical or contemporary canon and exists as a hybrid of painting in its post-historical sense merged with their graffiti urban art history. Both artists whom come from a Graffiti background yet paint with a contemporary spirit find themselves at a point of departure from their history as painters as their work embodies personal traits prevalent in both art forms. This new direction of painting reflects a point of overlap in their work that embodies a life of experiences in the street and Graffiti culture, yet choosing to paint non-objective work far from letterforms and traditional graffiti. Informal abstract elements of a historically traditional style are prevalent in their work, yet both artists are not part of any formal tradition of painting. Both artists have arrived at this point in their work through working with contemporary material and DIY processes of painting learned from painting in an urban environment. It is important to recognize the material nature of their process utilizing unconventional, yet modern materials to paint with. Oil paint is replaced with discounted Latex paint, stretched canvas is replaced with Masonite panels made of compressed wood Hybrids or hanging unstretched canvas, spray paint remains a key medium relating to the artists history. Un-formal is a fresh perspective at the crossing of contemporary and an emerging generation of contemporary/urban painters setting out to frame a new definition that is made from nothing, and inconsequential in a traditional sense.