Make sure you check out Clemens Behr at the Mini Galerie in Netherlands. The artist opens an exhibition of rare smaller pieces titled “Small Works”. It will be great to see an intimate side to Clemens work as he scales down his work to almost a model scale, compared to his large insitu installations.


Solo exhibition Small Works by Clemens Behr Mini Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 21 February – 28 March 2015
Opening: 20 February 18:00-21:00

The Mini Galerie proudly presents Small Works, the very first exhibition by Clemens Behr in The Netherlands.
Clemens Behr is a German artist who gained international recognition for his grand gestures. Within his site-specific practice Behr creates complex sculptural installations composed of discarded materials and imposing geometric murals that reflect the architecture of the surrounding environment. The space acts as a defining element in his impromptu working process.
The Mini Galerie formed the point of departure for Small Works. Exclusively for this exhibition Behr developed a new body of small-scaled works in opposition to his monumental paintings and sculptures. By taking on a
new approach to size he challenges previous concepts and techniques. Consequently shifting his focus from battling the laws of gravity towards fighting the devil that hides in the details.