I have been wanting to feature the work of Rubin for some time but as things remain busy it gets harder and harder for me to write in the way I would like to. Now as I finally find the time let me introduce to you the work of Rubin aka Rubin415. We have featured him over the last year with mural updates and show previews but I really thought he deserved an full artist feature to capture the range of what he creates as an artist.

Rubin is a Scandanavian artist from Sweden who now resides in Brooklyn New York. Originally a graffiti artist who over the years has evolved into a diverse painter. Working from Murals, installations, to paintings Rubin is able to effectively tackle multiple mediums. As the best artists are able to effectively utilize there experiences through life as inspiration in their work. When deciphering or taking in the work of Rubin you immediately have to acknowledge the hard edge clean lines of his work, which effectively merge with circular and harmonic forms. With the energy of wildstyle forms move and flow over each other. The muted palette resonates from the artists surroundings growing up imprinted streets and urban landscapes the mirror these muted hues.

Rubin is an emerging artist who you should watch as he continues to create relevant murals and installations. Some of our favorite are included a large scale Cube showcases the artists strengths working in sculpture and painting. Scale is also a strength of the artist as his smaller pieces are able to transfer to a larger scale without losing its impact. A comprehensive range of work is shown here in order to get a grasp of the work of Rubin we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.