Vincent Abadie Hafez AKA Zepha recently finished this beautiful installation in Toulouse. Known for his Calligraphic work and murals Zepha has recently experimented with materials and a type of collage. Using wood and paint he is able to build a layered deconstructed aesthetic of Calligraphy and motif. The Floor installation builds towards a circular center point creating a resting point for the installation, yet what is most impressive is the detail in any certain area of the floor which you can appreciate in the cropped photographs. These moments of detail are what distances Zepha from other calligraphers working in a similar vein, Zepha builds texture through deconstructed material adding another layer of depth that separates his work from his contemporaries.


Toulouse I Space Cross Baragnon
24 Cross Street Baragnon .05 62 27 61 62

13/11/2014 > 10.01.15 : Ornament . Vincent Abadie Hafez / Zepha Cedric Bartoli, Zoulikha Bouabdellah .

Opening Thursday , November 13 at 18pm.

In collaboration with the Musée des Augustins and Benjamin Constant exposure, under Graphéine season of contemporary drawing .

The ornament , superfluous , is by nature an addition used for the purpose of beautification . Unique in this exhibition , he emancipated his high decorative role to achieve artistic autonomy . The Cross Baragnon space in the wake of the exhibition the Musée des Augustins , Benjamin Constant (1845-1902) and mirages Wonders of Orientalism .

The Cross Baragnon space is dedicated to the continuing oriental ornamental motif in contemporary art . Muralist from the family of graffiti , Zepha inspired by Arabic calligraphy on monumental surfaces. At his side, the French-Algerian artist Zoulikha Bouabdellah , driven by a conceptual approach to the notion of ornament, and Cedric Bartoli, videographer, attached to the transcript of the movement.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 14h to 19h , free admission.

Visual : Zoulikha Bouabdellah , Mirage I, painted steel, 193 x 193 cm , 2011 , courtesy Galerie Sabrina Amrani .