“The aesthetic is still the same I think, but the application and the forms have been broken down and rebuilt so many times. I’ve really studied minimalism and suprematism and those two styles are so prevalent within my work. I always wanted to retain a ‘graffiti’ aesthetic in the paintings but I wanted to push it to it’s utmost limit. Colour is so important in my work too. I’m still learning and still experimenting, nothing is ever completely where it should be but I feel personally, that i’m going in the right direction for me.”

Remi Rough is also in San Francisco alongside other Graffuturists opening a new body of work with “Motivational Therapy”. He was also interviewed for the show and you can read the full interview here. Remi will be exhibiting a new body of paintings in San Francisco bringing his unique brand of abstract work. He also painted a installation to go along with his work so you will want to make the show yourself to see the whole show as well as a great lineup of fellow artists.


The solo exhibition, Motivational Therapy, by London based artist Remi Rough is completely different from all of his previous work. The artist explains this exhibition as being much more emphatic than previous exhibitions in his name. In an exclusive White Walls interview, we spoke to Remi about the “motivation” behind this different body of work, as well as his artistic background, musical preferences and his thoughts on current graffiti culture.

Motivational Therapy
Opening Reception – Saturday, October 11, 7-11 pm
On View Through November 1, 2014
@ White Walls Project Space (www.whitewallssf.com/project-space)
886 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94109