Here is a recent Installation from Gilbert1. The work was part of a group exhibition that opened last week at Helene Bailly Gallery in Paris. Gilbert1 continues to use installation as a large part of his body of work connecting the abandoned material and areas he frequents. By reclaiming material found in these abandoned areas Gilbert1 bridges his outdoor work with the gallery.



Thursday, 18 September 2014 – Saturday, 1 November 2014
38, rue de Seine
75006 Paris

Participating artists:
Jae Ko
Gabriel Pionkowski
Dirk Vander Eecken

For this autumn 2014, the gallery presents an exhibition entitled (DE) CONSTRUCTION, within its space dedicated to contemporary art space. On this occasion, we present the work of four artists working for some deconstruction through the decomposition of the work, and for others, the construction process with the layout and assembly of materials or different parts that make up a everything. Gilbert1 which appoints some of his works ‘destruction’, invests the basement of the gallery during the exhibition. He works in the street and abandoned places as workshop or gallery. It is expressed in abstract figures and deconstructed in the course of arte povera. JAE KO, meanwhile, uses recycled paper to form colored volumes that are built by inflating ink. The shapes and structures of his works are unique constructions thus combining tradition and modernity. GABRIEL PIONKOWSKI deconstructs her paintings wire by wire to rebuild in creating a work that questions the media and created a new way of analyzing the work. DIRK VANDER Eecken finally looks at the fragmentation of the infinitely small to reconstruct his work layer by layer, revealing the process of (de) construction, appearance and disappearance … Matahi supports this exhibition