BC Gallery has curated an impressive lineup for their first after summer show “Abstract”. The title directly references not only the artist particular concepts as painters but also their approach to creating work in general. We have all been familiar with the general term Abstract especially when associated with art, but there is more to this new generation of painters and installation artists that garners attention. It is an abstract aesthetic mixed with an abstract frame of reference being that most of the artists come from the Urban/Graffiti art genre. This added dimension and the relatively unknown nature of a conceptual practice that has been mostly ignored as an art form creates a perfect platform to explore the real notion of abstract. Here is a preview set of images to the show that opens this week.



After summer break BC Gallery continues the exhibition season with a group show presenting nine international artists. The show titled ‘ABSTRACT’ opens it’s doors on September 26th and is on display until November 1st.

About the show

Leaving a clear optical message to the viewer, picking up the early avantgarde thoughts of the deconstruction of shapes and geometry, filtering colors until they appear in their purest form the artist’s works do not only reflect but also advance several 20th century art movements from early constructivism to pop-art related styles. It is the ‘innocence of the eye’, a term used by Ernst Gombrich to describe that whenever we look at a figurative painting our view is dependent on prior knowledge and therefore not ‘innocent’. This is not the case when we look at non-figurative artworks that come in shapes we cannot relate to. Working with various different materials the artists also create tension trough out all dimensions. From balancing and energizing the canvas with the anti-colors black and white, over experimenting with pure colors and shapes, to leaving the canvas completely – and entering the 3rd dimension by creating abstract installations, the artists present a wide range of what is possible in non-figurative art.


Friday, September 26th, 6pm
Registration: rsvp@bcgallery.de


September 26th – November 1st

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday, 1 to 6 pm