Derek Bruno Opens his latest exhibition of work at FlatColor Gallery in Portland. The exhibition titled “A Second” continues his studies with color, shape, and form to engage our ability to perceive our surroundings. The stimulus of all these put together is not only the focus on the work but also a journey the artist has taken in not only understanding these stimuli but reinterpreting these moments through concrete works of art. We hope you are able to witness the perfection of his work and his ability to capture not only space but a dialogue with the interpreter or witness who is confronted with multiple viewpoints with which to engage the work.


Flatcolor Gallery presents a solo exhibition from Christopher Derek Bruno entitled “A SECOND”

Opening August 7th, 2014 5-9PM, “A SECOND” marks Christopher Derek Bruno’s return to Flatcolor Gallery with a solo exhibition of new works.

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Join us for this exciting August opening. The artist will be in attendance.

About the Exhibition

*certainty is now:*
*the image of thoughts passing; shifting foundation.*

“For the past two years I have been studying color, shape, and form to better understand both the dimensional and rational means in which our eyes turn stimuli into a descriptive image of our immediate surroundings. This exploration has raised my awareness of the way our perception of a subject develops over brief slices of time, specifically the impact that each passing moment has on the fidelity of our greater visual comprehension. A SECOND is comprised of works that serve as a benchmark for this continuing investigation.”
– Christopher Derek Bruno