saber x zeser x branded arts from dopevinyl on Vimeo.

We had talked to Saber recently and he gave us a heads about a this recent Mural that was painted in Downtown Los Angeles on a new artstore. The project brought together by Branded arts featured a collaborative mural from Saber and Zes. Saber was excited to get back on a wall and further some ideas he had been contemplating. A conceptual mural that engages us in the conversation that writers are faced with everyday, the Buff. Aesthetically and visually stunning the new mural also hits on graffiti’s constant fight with eradication. What is left after graffiti is buffed or painted over are remnants, sometimes unreachable portions defying the reach of those trying to erase it. These remnants as well as a natural degradation of cheap paint used to cover graffiti allow traces of what once was start to protrude. You can walk around most cities and see the constant visual scars of this battle between graffiti, and the Buff. Saber and Zes set out to utilize common tools of bombing such as fire extinguishers, Roller paint, and several other techniques to bring the same sense of visual as well as conceptual intensity that a Bomber would bring to a wall illegally. These marks are not just recreated aesthetics, they wield a real experience that both writers know well. All around an impressive mural from both artists and a strong overall message.


Photographs courtesy Jordan Ahern