Traffic Design vol. 4 from Traffic Design on Vimeo.

We are an official Media partner for Traffic Design 2014 in Gdynia Poland, so stay tuned for updates as murals happen throughout the Summer. Basik has started his wall and with the roster this year it looks to be another great exhibition of murals.


” Traffic Design vol. 4 has just started and will last till the 28th of June in Gdynia, Poland. This year we enter the city with new works from various international and Polish artists, including: Zoer & Velvet, Pastel, Elian, Knarf, Sten & Lex, SC Szyman and ABCDEF. During volume 4 we have also increased the amount of festival activities ranging from secret location parties thru street art tattoo events and movie screenings to exhibitions and our yearly closing party.

The first person to hit the wall is Italian artist Basik who starts on the 12th of June and will be creating a mural using the hand motiv which he has perfected over the years. Knarf arrives from Vienna on Saturday to create a single wall and also host an exhibition of his IRGA IRGA Crew in Gdynia’s tuBaza art gallery. Within the exhibition we’ll present two handmade and limited edition graffiti magazines called ‘ein wandblatt aus wien’ plus additional prints and works related to the magazine and the crew’s releases (other crew members are Mafia and Fresh Max).”