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“Urbanism” hosted by the Museum of Moscow opened last month and we finally have gotten our hands on a set of photographs from the exhibition. The exhibition one of the first of its kind in Moscow at the Museum included 7 Russian artists and One international artist. The exhibit was a huge success being visited by tens of thousands of visitors and introducing Russia to an emerging progressive mix of graffiti and art. The lineup included Aske , Slak , Petro , Aber , Morik , Liquid , Misha Most, and Niels Show Muelman. We have featured work from many of the artists over the past couple of years and are excited to see their local city welcome them to an important exhibition such as this.


All pictures courtesy of CodeRed

June 9, 2014 at 12:06 Art Exhibitions 6 7855
Report from the exhibition “Urbanism”
Museum Moscow , Aske , Slak , Petro , Aber , Morik , Liquid , Misha Most

The Museum of Moscow ended large-scale exhibition, which was attended by eight local artists with graffiti past Dutchman Niels Shu Melman.
Alone Elijah Slack work. Photo: © CODE RED

The Museum of Moscow from 16th May to 8th June an exhibition titled “Urbanism: a city in my mind,” which, according to organizers, was visited by several tens of thousands of people. The exhibition featured works made especially for the exhibition. According to many of the capital’s graffiti artists, “Urbanism” was the next step in exposing the works of authors who began their careers, drawing on the streets.

Quality of work, the participants and the museum space – the factors that make up a good impression of the exhibition. Of the minuses can be noted is not very adequate text curators who creates the visitors exposure misconceptions about what is graffiti and street art. Of course, each of the participants made a significant contribution in these areas, but the works presented in the framework of “Urbanism” is not directly related to drawing on the walls.