Moscow based Art Group Zuk Club shared this impressive skatepark they recently painted with us. What at first seems like a normal geometric mural installation transforms into much more at a closer look. Read the text below explaining in detail behind the concept of the project.


Moscow art-group known as Zukclub have done the work in the skatepark pool in Lugano, Switzerland , that covers over 1000 square meters.
The work based on spector, which is created by overlapping shadows.Now the pool is also a sundial , which can determine the time of the day .

The composition is built with respect to its zones : range , mesh , gradient, geometric designs and three mandala representing different color solutions such as monochrome , warm and cold gamma .

That was the sequence traced their logical connection .
Morning light passing through the corner of the pool turns into a spectrum and gradually becomes more complicated : geometry emerges , adds color, appear rhythmic pattern.

If you are in Lugano, the work can be found at: Skatepark Lugano via Trevano 100 6900 Lugano, Switzerland