NAWER & AUGUSTINE KOFIE | FORUMATION from Radek Drozdowicz on Vimeo.


Looking back to 2012 at an impromptu collaboration between Nawer and Augustine Kofie in London I knew it was only a matter of time till these two artists got together and did something of this caliber. Nawer invited Kofie to his homeland of Poland to paint this massive wall in Krakow. The wall “Forumation” is an impressive combination of both artists styles at a large scale. This is another example of todays top emerging artists continue the dialogue of painting through collaboration. Even when an artist is given the opportunity to paint a whole solely by oneself we see more and more an artist extending the invitation to one of their contemporaries. This is a trend that I can say I embrace and hope that it continues to build a larger conversation amongst not only the murals painted but documents a moment within the cities they are painted. Incredible job by both artists, Bravo!.


Photo credit Bartek Senkowki