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Lay//ers by esteemed Graffuturist Autone, is an innovatively captivating Light and Conceptual Urban Art Installation, opening at the Zatoka Sztuki Gallery in Poland on 04/04/2014, in conjunction with The Gulf of Art and “Addicted to Art Series”.

Autone returns to the gallery that launched his first solo exhibition, with an enthralling multi-faceted experience; Lay//ers unequivocally transcends the dynamics of a traditional visual aesthetic, by symbiotically fusing: light, sonic, visual, and sculptural elements and arranging them critically within the space.

When questioned about the concept of Lay//ers, Autone suggested that his title embodied a visual representation of the intricately delicate folding techniques incorporated into the piece, however Autone also states, “Context is everything” which may lend credence to a considered metaphorical approach; the exhibition holistically fuses Autone’s two greatest passions: Art and Architecture, a reference which is clearly demonstrated by the Sculptural application of architectural instruments – the devices of which have been shared by three familial generations of established Architects and Urban Planners.

The schematics used to construct visual elements of the installation, come from Autone’s private collection and relate to his work as an Urban Planner, it is interesting to note that the technical drawings detail construction plans for the Gdańsk Shipyard – the historical implications and social regeneration of which, pertains multifarious connotations.

I think about the exhibition as a whole piece. I want to build, let’s say, an environment there. Each work will be a part of an entirety […] also elements of a spatial installation that will connect everything together

Autone’s erudite use of sonic accompaniment, resonates deeply within the ambiance of Lay//ers, this is paralleled with the designed application of Ultra Violet light, which cleverly fortifies the exhibition’s visual strength and vehemence; Autone is an artist paradoxically inspired by both a Creative and an Analytical mind – the combination of which incontrovertibly assures, an inspired exhibition of outstanding integrity.

Kristina Lewis-Shipley



Art Cove Avenue f. Mamuszki, 81-759 Sopot, Poland
Biedrona Biedrzycki and Gulf of art invite you to another, the fourth exhibition of the series “Addicted to Art”, the idea is to showcase local artists as well as foreign, graffiti and street art. It is a composition of vernissages are linked to sounds of music presented by the representatives of the contemporary currents of music, concerts, live act’ów.

AUTONE (John Wheeler)
He studied at the Faculty of architecture of the Gdańsk University of technology, where he obtained his diploma in urban design and Architecture und Stadtplanung BTU Cottbus (Germany). He also postgraduate studies in Management Development Planning cities in the Gdansk University of technology. In the years 2009-2012 was an Assistant designer at the Institute of Urban Design in Gdańsk, and from 2012 is an employee of Department “Estetyzacji at the Town Hall in Gdansk, where he, among other things. Ogarna project 2.0, which was the originator. Since 1998, the creator of graffiti/streetartu. Since 2003. regularly participates in events and festivals okołostreetartowych. He is the author of a number of individual artistic projects, mainly in public spaces and transit, abandoned buildings and degraded post-industrial areas throughout the Polish as well as in a number of countries in Europe and in Mexico and the United States. In addition to painting also creates spatial installations, site specific, and from 2011, together with Krzysztof Syruciem implements art projects using Augmented Reality Technology (extended reality). RAAR and 2AR. He took part in numerous group exhibitions and auctions in the largest auction houses. Lay//ers will be his third after ‘ 100%/11 ‘ and ‘Cuts ‘ a major exhibition.

On display will be presented new works whose implementation technique probably easiest Autone called a layered collage or an axial run-out of origami. Used in the work of the carbon paper, archival technical projects details, she departed from maps private collection of the artist. Geometric compositions make up the title layer, resulting from the imposition of the successive passages of cripple. In addition, there are also spatial, using, among other things. old drawing tools. An integral part of the whole will be specially prepared arrangement of light.

At the after party play:

HOAX (Coast2Coast)
PARYSS (Bread Paryss’ka, Sphinx 700)
RUBBER (Gumkens Bang Bang)

The exhibition will open on Friday, April 4 at 20: 00. The work will be on display until Friday 18 April.