2501 was recently in Perth Australia with fellow artists all painting murals for “Public perth” organized by FORMWA GALLERY. Impressive in execution as well as scale 2501 continues to engage his murals conceptually around the communities he is working in. 2501 wrote some statements about each wall below that illuminate the artists intentions with these recent murals.


Wall 1

“The narrow passage“ is on 100 hampton road in Fremantle at the enriching social housing here the tenants receive a single room and shared all the rest, for many the lodging house is the first accommodation after time spent in crisis or on the street. So obviously the narrow passage is a tribute to all this people than after a lot of struggling succeed to pass true all this try to achieve a new life. this piece is also in loving memory of Claudio KADO Sinatti one of the pioneer of the graffiti and video art seen in Milano in the early 90s.”

Wall 2

“The second wall is called “800 minute, the burrow of the rainbow serpent” and is about the burrow where the rainbow serpent born to create than the all universe in the mythology of the aboriginal people so is the creation where everything start.Plus the incredible of casualty—-i actually painted before seeing in pilbara the actual sacred site of the burrow of the rainbow serpent….like i imagine it before knowing the existence of it.”