Proembrion continues to experiment with Glitch and experimental abstract compositions based on manipulating numbers and digital sequences. In his most recent mural “Modular Sequence” Proembrion captures in analog one of these digital experiments. In the artists words “The 64×64 pixel composition was selected from the results of crossing variations of simple images. The RGB-Colored Modular Natural Numbers Sequence is layered with the XOR mode on the Linear Representation of it in all possible ways.” He also included a Gif and some sample images of the experiments that he chose his image from. Not only an impressive mural but also progressive conceptual compositions that have the viewer contemplating our relationship with the real and digital world. You can see more on his Tumblr.


‘Modular Sequence’
Krzysztof ‘Proembrion’ Syruć
Spray on the wall, 292x321cm
6th of April, V9, Warsaw