Although Vizie has exhibited twice before under an different name “Greater than the Sum” is his first solo exhibition under Vizie. A graffiti veteran who has established himself amongst the top graffiti artists of our era Vizie has maintained a strong presence in the streets. Focusing his attention on creating artwork Vizie tackled the gallery with the same intensity as he might on the streets. The outcome is an impressive body of work that showcases not only a great amount of skill but also a remarkable understanding of form and texture. The monochromatic paintings recede into each other layer by layer revealing abstract patterns that lead to a wall or break through a wall. Breaking from the traditional square and rectangle of a canvas the work also has a abstract shape contrasting the rendered patterns painted within. All around some notable concepts within the work and a strong exhibition.


Vizie opened his first Solo Exhibition this month in New York

Houston born VIZIE is well regarded as one of the most talented active graffiti artists today.

His work has taken him to many stops across the US and abroad, leaving his mark on stops in Kansas City, San Francisco and Chicago, eventually taking residence in New York over the past 7 years.

Having previously held solo shows at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn and Space Gallery in San Francisco, the artist is exploring new grounds under the moniker VIZIE. This will be his first solo exhibition under this persona, displaying a collection of work that sees his style evolving while quickly building a buzz for this new approach, already amassing over 11,000 dedicated Instagram followers.

& Associates is an idea of community, celebrating and exposing a selection of New York’s most talented artists while uniting them through showcase and celebration. The organization is run by, Jamie Falkowski and Othelo Gervcio. in 2013, Falkowski developed the concept for The Newsstand located in the Metropolitan/Lorimer subway stime. He is currently is the Marketing Director of Alldayeverday. Gervacio has worked in the past as a production director & studio manager at Scott Campbell’s studio and is currently the Art Director at Alldayeveryday.

For 2014 the organization is presenting 5 shows at the Culturefix in the Lower East Side. Each show is developed with like minded creatives in collaboration, to create something worth getting excited for.

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