999 Contemporary and Stefano S. Antonelli have kicked off their Urban Avant-garde Roma Street Art festival 2014 with a monumental mural by Clemens Behr. The wall measuring 42 by 18 meters was painted on ATAC building in Rome. The street art festival will host 30 local and international artists over the next 2 months and transform key architectural landmarks throughout the city. Clemens was given the honor of initiated Rome with a beautiful mural reflecting back on its surrounding with a mirroring palette.

For Clemens as well as visiting artists it will be a honor as well as a challenge to be able to engage a city with such a rich art history. Being able to integrate a new generation of artists into the landscape of a city through their art is a large task. Stefano has curated an excellent group of artists and also builds a dialogue with the city of Rome. This new paradigm in muralism initiated by the Urban artists will attempt to engage the cities architecture and history. This new generation of painters welcomes walls as big as they can get them and is able to transform the city with a fresh take on art. Watch out for more walls in the future and bravo to Clemens Behr and Stefano for a impressive inaugural mural.


999 CONTEMPORARY Avant-garde Urban Roma Street Art Festival 2014


Behind and in front of the wall, 2014 42X18mt, acrylics e spraycan on ATAC – DCO GARBATELLA building Ostiense, Roma

Curator: Stefano S. Antonelli
Consultant curator: Gianluca Marziani
Cultural manager: Francesca Mezzano, Dario Marcucci

Under the patronage of:

In collaboration with:
LCR Hotels

With this work of German artist Clemens Behr street , 27 years from Koblenz , Rome inaugurates Vanguards Urban Street Art Festival in 2014 , the festival of street art commissioned by 999Contemporary and edited by Stephen S. Antonelli which will lead to Rome from March to July, more than 30 of the best Italian and international street artists . A project that will transform Roma in the European capital of street art , as well as interventions that will transform the city of artists entire neighborhoods and nodal centers and historical sites of the city life , Vanguards Roma Street Urban Art Festival 2014 will be the seat of the capital of two great events : an international conference on the future of visual panorama of the city to the macro via Nizza and a major exhibition at Macro Testaccio totally free from June to August which will feature the most important French and Italian artists in a comparative path between the languages ​​of the new street art generation . An exhibition curated by Stefano Antonelli and produced by Francesca S. Mezzano for 999Contemporary in collaboration with Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome and Atac .

The monumental work by the breath of Clemens Behr made ​​on the building ATAC – DCO GARBATELLA opens and sums up perfectly the spirit of this festival that aims to put the center of the debate about street art two concepts: emancipate the work of street artist from the “wall” to carry the entire urban architecture and the city curator , the curator of an urban professional with the skills to conceive, propose and supervise the growing phenomenon of juxtaposition of major works in the city . The work of Clemens Behr has to support the entire building Atac which oversees the Metro stop Garbatella and ranks in the visual scenario that includes the new bridge that connects the Ostiense neighborhood and Garbatella and the gasometer , the symbol of Rome “modern ” that projected in the twentieth century by its industrial district of Ostiense . The artist’s work was conceived through an in-depth analysis of the local context and represents the entire arsenal of automatic responses to stimuli of this artist ‘s context. Constructed as a continuous stream of geometric abstraction , the work appears to be strongly pictorial defections due to the linearity of its forms in a compositional scheme which borrows the imagery of ” camouflage ” to reverse the function: instead of spreading confused . At 27, Clemens Behr has faced the challenge of creating a work so important to the city that hosts the largest art history , revealing the face of a new street art , a hole in the lock of the “great beauty ” through which to look forward with confidence and optimism , reminding us that the generation of the twenties, in which our society has taken away every expressive space , is the only way to introduce the future without wanting anything in return .