Its refreshing to see artists still working in abandoned areas with the same vigor and energy that most now put in their gallery work. I have seen the work Repaze and Sair for awhile now but looking through our Flickr feed these new installations caught my attention, and for good reason. Here is a full set of pictures courtesy of the artists capturing these mesmerizing rooms painted in abandoned locations unknown. Below is also a quote about the artists.


“Repaze and Sair (777army crew) realize the “invasions” to exit the context of the right wall, vertical. Better delve into their artistic visions in their entire universe to invade the mind with this total vision, straight, 360 °. they carry out overlaps between their two styles, some anamorphosis appear “break angle” to lose the eye and the human senses. Sair creates a form of life goshawks eyes and Repaze energizes all made ​​for a living and moving.”