Gilbert1 remains busy in Paris with his latest solo exhibition “Extracted from Chaos”. The Helene Bailly Galerie in Paris opened the exhibition last month and it will be open till March 15th to view. Gilbert1 has put together a impressive body of work ranging from his typical sculptural reliefs, sculptural installation, work on canvas and work on paper. Below is a written statement from the artist about his work that gives some insight not only to the work but the artist himself.


“My excursions in forgotten my situ interventions in these areas places decrepit , I keep deeply rooted in me significant raw material of evolution, degradation , decomposition what man has built once and then left to stand the test of time . Destruction, collapse , the disintegration , deformation of materials, smells and sounds humidity and material that works characterize probably my favorite media , which helped me achieve different film projects , painting and in situ installations in solo or collaborations. I love playing with this process of degradation is sometimes accentuated .

With these experiences, I draw a creative process that involves collecting materials in the very heart of these places , to re- use these elements torn , fallen, weathered, eroded , weathered , in an unstructured creating strong momentum , moving, while bringing a modern touch by forms colorful graphics , made ​​with newer materials and techniques, and referring to the vitality and appearance invasive graffiti .

My artistic universe key to Man and our society , that it is able to build , but especially leaving outside its groove. The idea , our company advance exponentially fast and men and women are increasingly pressed in their own construction. They leave behind a world of loss crumbling little small.

With my work , I want to show this and inevitable collapse , and characterize the strength of this fall, related emergency situation , through abstract compositions moving in 3 dimensions, from inert materials , emphasizing the contrast between past and modern world. In my future works in exhibition spaces dedicated , I want to raise up white walls, these abraded volume filled compositions of matter and history, which bring the viewer meet and confront the essence of these places in the past, but still alive. The graphic alchemy with modern colored elements , will examine the link between Man and his environment, that the time and perspective it brings can help in the work human in general, on the ephemeral nature of man. Ars Longa Vita Brevis “Art is long, life is short human ”

Extracted from Chaos – Solo Show Gilbert1
Helene Bailly Gallery
25 quai Voltaire Paris 7e

The show is running until 15th March