Here is a preview of a group exhibition in Russia “The New Wave Uncut”. Located in Moscow Russia MSK Eastside Gallery has invited several Russian artists working in multiple mediums. Taking inspiration from the 80’s New York scene and historical exhibitions New Wave Uncut revisits a similar concept and engages our continuing relationship as artists with the Urban landscape. Russia as well as Poland have been a hotbed of emerging talent in the Urban art genre and “New Wave Uncut” is an important exhibition documenting this emerging group of artists. We are excited to see the final opening pictures and will definitely share them with you as soon as we have them.


MSK Eastside Gallery Presents “The New Wave UNCUT” Group exhibition

Curated by ZAK, Ja’bagh Kaghado co-curated by the artists & photographers themselves

Feb. 13th – March 10th

“The New Wave UNCUT” is planned as the emergence of a new force. A major group exhibition which will showcase fresh local, prolific artists working in different genres. Each artist will show works that represent him or her personal vision in art direction, framing and presentation empowering them to co-curate with the gallery curators.

Inspired by the ever changing urban landscape, demographics of a megapolis like “New Moskva” where lots of different kinds of people come through with lots of communications, information and energy. “The New Wave UNCUT” would investigate how art could communicate across humans living in one city and represent a complex urban identity.

“There is a broad and diverse human spectrum, and we want to communicate with society at large”.

In the early 80s the New York art scene was defined by 3 major group events, “The Real Estate”, “The Time Square” and the “PS.1 New York / New Wave” shows. Each of those important exhibitions had a specific agenda stressing on social issues, but were unified by its diversity and it’s emergence of new names such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Futura 2000, CRASH including many others who’s works still continue to inspire and influence.

With that spirit and inspiration, curators ZAK and Ja’bagh take us back to the mood of an era which produced amazing contemporary visionaries in art and photography believing that Moscow’s new generation will not be producing any less.

1. Daria K. / painting
2. Viginie Cailet / mixed media
3. Irina Mann / photography
4. Nikita Litvinenko / photography
5. Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov / mixed media
6. Anton Budenko / acid prints
7. Angelina Vorobyeva / photography
8. Alexey Luka / collage
9. Petro / post graffiti calligraphy
10. Dmitri Aske “Sicksystems” / installations
11. Kostya Zmogk / graffiti
12. Elena Oganesyan / photography
13. Elene Metreveli / painting
14. Anastasia Ivanova / photography
15. Karina Ivanova / photography
16. Gost / post graffiti
17. ZAK / mixed media
18. Tasha Manaenkova / photography
19. Ilya Slak / mixed media
20. Tatiana Fadeeva / painting

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