Velvet and Zoer finished this recent collaborative mural installation as the newest addition to Robin Soulier Consulting‘s ongoing mural installations in Paris. The artists painted one of the offices titled “Le Hall of Fame” and it will remain for the next 3 months. Robin Soulier has been inviting international artists in an ongoing project where the artists completely transform 2 separate offices with murals. Velvet and Zoer are in demand artists traveling internationally to paint and exhibit. Openspace will be exhibiting new work soon from the artists soon as well. Stay tuned.


Photos courtesy of Robin Soulier Consulting

located in the east of Paris:« Le Hall Of Fame » Situated on the Boulevard Voltaire, at the intersection of the Marais district and the lower side of the 11th arrondissement. This space is devoted to experimentation and discovery and has been completely realized by street artists. The reception area is fully repainted in black and white every two months and the main office gets a makeover in colour, every three months. The discreetly stylish, transparent furniture allows the artwork to take centre stage. This is a unique meeting space reserved for our collectors. This convivial address also houses several comfortable offices with a lounge space and a library.