Two of our favorite artists Lek and Sowat teamed up with Philippe Baudelocque to paint this massive 27 by 63 foot mural in St. Blaise Paris. The mural located in the 20th district of Paris was organized by Artazoi. A pattern of criss crossing stripes make up the composition of the mural intersecting stripes that are painted using each artists individual marks. Sowat creates patterns that make up a larger form, Lek weaves his geometric marks in the same way. Philippe adds his own distinguishable marks intertwined amongst the others, the result is a interweaving of style that meets also at a compositional interweaving of the stripes. This composition creates a unique tension in this focal point that is allowed to dissipate as the mural moves outward. Bravo.



Photo Credits Nicolas Gzeley and Cristobal Diaz