Seikon exhibited new work at Klub ŻAK in Gdansk Poland. The work self titled “Collages” is a reference to the work exhibited. Working in assemblage and collage Seikon further establishes his geometric influenced work. As is the case with many of the abstract urban artists there is more to the geometry, at first what seems abstract starts to create cohesive forms. The interlacing linear elements and structures within these lines start to resemble the urban aspects of streets and cities. Seikon creates a abstract version of a deeper dialogue taking place on paper and wood, and then encroaching on walls and its cities.


The first exhibition of Street Art in Żak is a presentation of art Seikon . Moving up in the aesthetics of abstraction Seikon especially seems to like the line. His geometric patterns developed in the form of a mural or an object characterized by a clean , precise trace always enriched by theme triangles , kinks line. Seikon facilities are often a reference to the murals in the form . In contrast, graphics, reminiscent of the fictional towns urban assumptions complete the rest of the works on display . Please check back this Thursday at 19:00 to the Club Zak to delve into the world of abstract Street Art. Also billboard Club change for the exhibition.