Proembrion and Pener Mural


44309 Gallery in Dortmund Germany hosted a group exhibition titled “PL Group Show” last week. The show self titled for the inclusion of 5 polish artists Chazme, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, and Sepe. Poland has been a hotbed of rising talent lately and this group exhibition showcases these rising artists. With the exception of Sepe most of the work is abstract in nature involving deconstructive aesthetics and concepts. Many of the artists have studied in architecture and urbanism, this background in form and their past history in graffiti has led to a progressive form of art. We have showcased these artists over the past years and it is great to see them start to get the recognition they deserve. Proembrion and Pener also had time to paint a collaborative mural close to the gallery while they were in town for the exhibition. A mix of Pener linear elements juxtaposed against Proembrion’s moving form and glitch aesthetics.