Boris “Delta” Tellegen exhibited a new body of work at Tokyo’s Common Gallery. The exhibit titled “Overburden” featured new work on paper as well as his sculptural relief pieces. Boris has remained busy this year with numerous public pieces as well as some great exhibits, yet this show remains his largest body of work exhibited this year. It is fitting that Delta’s work would be exhibited in city like Tokyo were futuristic aesthetics are embraced. It is stated that the work of Delta could resemble that of the Manga Gundam. The geometric deconstructionist work of Delta although conceptually might differ from Gundam, the aesthetic and form is very similar to the action oriented robot. The aggressive use of geometric form and layered collages create sculptural elements in the work that stand outside of the physical space. This aggression is tempered through the use a square or rectangle shape trapping the work within a boundary allowing for the tension to also be trapped. It is the allusion to this tension that Delta is great at capturing that solidifies the work. An excellent exhibition with a large body of work, a great way to end 2013.



Gallery COMMON is pleased to announce an exhibition of Boris Tellegen who is currently working and living in Amsterdam, Holland. Boris, as known as DELTA, used to work as a graffiti artist between 90s to early 2000. He became widely known in Europe through his 3D lettering works which had big influence from architecture and robot engineering.

After working as a graffiti artist on street, he further pursued his career as an artist and created installation and public art piece for museums and gallery world-wide. He also participated in several art shows.

In 2009, he participated to the show at the foundation Cartier. In 2011, he had a larger art pieces shown at the “Muziekgebouw aan`t IJ”, which is a music hall in Amsterdam. In 2013, he had a show at the Paris de Tokyo in France and gathered international attention to his works.

Boris has quite strong connection with Japanese culture and influence from “Mobile Suit Gundam”. We believe he will show us an interesting body of art works which will tickle heart of Japanese people`s creative mindset.

TITLE : Overburden

ARTIST : Boris Tellegen


ADDRESS : 2F 5-11-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

TEL : +81 3-6427-5834

DATE : 14th Dec 2013 (Sat) – 22nd Dec 2013(Sun)

TIME : 12:00 – 20:00

RECEPTION : 13th Dec 2013 (Fri) 19:00 – 22:00
Boris will be on the opening night