Sam Rodriguez has teamed up with Public Meridian to collaborate on a new project that will open at Cukui San Jose Dec 13th. The project “Visual Mixtape” is a collaboration that touches on subjects of internationalism by blending common interests such as music and craft. Working visually as well as incorporating the craftsmanship of custom bracelets Visual mixtape is able to bridge these common interests. There will be a special box release that will be available at the opening. Each will come with a print and custom bracelet, with 4 different editions.



by Sam Rodriguez & Public Meridian.

A compilation of our favorite multinational subjects visually manifested through graphics and custom bracelets.

About the Show

Sam Rodriguez and Public Meridian have come together in their debut collaboration to celebrate internationality. This is the first show in a series of work about cultural blending and common interests that have been rising on a global level. Musicians were the topic of choice for this first show since they have such a universal impact. The “playlist” was based on our collective likes and what we think is important to the Cukui family. The criteria for this compilation was that it had to have an international and local feel to it.
We hope you enjoy!

The Goods

A box set that will include a signed limited edition print and a custom bracelet that illustrates the selected musician. Cukui will also have a limited edition tee based on one of the graphics.

About Sam Rodriguez

Samuel Rodriguez is an emerging artist who works in various mediums including design,walls, paintings and drawing. He is also contributing designer to Cukui.

Public Meridian is an independent label from San Francisco that produces custom and limited edition bracelets.