Crack On, Shine On – 2007-2013 Photography by Will Robson Scott from Topsafe London on Vimeo.

Topsafe London just released this new video teaser announcing the launch of their final book from Crack and Shine series. “Crack On, Shine One” is a collection of photographs from 2007-2013 by Will Robson Scott. Available exclusively in New York at the Newsstand or you can order online here. Topsafe London and Crack and Shine published 2 other books and numerous videos during their travels internationally and in London. It is the honesty of the camera merged with the authenticity of real documentation that sets apart Will Robson Scott’s photographs. This is a limited Run Book so I would get yours fast before they are gone.


Available exclusively at THE NEWSSTAND 10.12.2013
Metropolitan Ave. G & L station, Brooklyn, New York

and online in the USA only

Email for enquiries

W: 6.3″ × H: 234MM” (W: 160MM × H: 234MM) 74 Photographs
Full Colour, Perfect Bound