deconstruction book from bartek Świątecki on Vimeo.

I was lucky enough to be asked awhile back to write an afterword for Bartek “Pener” Świątecki’s book “Deconstruction. Pener was finally able to make the book a reality and decided to self publish the book himself. We first featured the work of Pener on Graffuturism over 3 years ago in our first year as a Blog. Finding the work of Pener in 2010 cemented the existence of the blog for me, it was about learning about new artists and scenes across the world. Through Pener I was able to witness early on the strong Polish group of artists that are now becoming so popular. Its been great to see Pener grow as an artist and watch him garner international attention. I’m honored to be able to contribute to his new book and its been great to have had Pener part of Graffuturism the past 3 years. We wish him success with Deconstruction.


“I started these Deconstruction project two years ago. After several months of searching for publisher and trying to get financing for my book I realized it was the wrong way and that I have to do it my way and by myself. With help of my super mate darek brodowski and kamil dudała my dream finally came true. I won a small art-scholarship that covered the expenses of printing and all the rest of the work I did myself ( bonding / sewing / covers / super fun 100% D.I.Y )

And here it is,Deconstruction album …120 pages / 280 copies / handmade covers / all of them signed and numbered

Thx to molotow for supporting this project, Cedar Lewisohn and Poesia for afterword text to the album.

I wish to thank all the people who contributed to this album, my friends without whose help and support I would have never manage it. THANK YOU !!!”