POW! WOW! HAWAII 2013 from POW! WOW! Hawaii on Vimeo.

I cant believe its been almost a year but it has. In preparation for Pow Wow Hawaii 2014 Pow Wow has released this video recap of Pow Wow Hawaii 2013. Words cant describe the event totally, but this amazing video is able to capture the essence of this event. Great Video and recap from Pow Wow. Stay tuned for Pow Wow 2014 we hear the lineup of confirmed artists is remarkable.


Considered to be one of the island’s largest and most expansive gathering of cultural minds. POW! WOW! Hawaii has taken over the once sleepy area of Kaka’ako in Honolulu has welcomed approximately 100 artists to the area in a widespread beautification and education on the world of street art and the process of creativity. Originally founded several years back in Hong Kong, POW! WOW! was brought to Hawaii in hopes of offering a more hands-on approach to exploring art and engaging the community. This year’s artists include Dabs Myla, Askew, Mark Bode, 123KLAN, Rone, Meggs, Yoskay Yamamoto, SLICK, Woes Martin, Roid, Shark Toof, Jeff Soto, Hannah Stouffer, Apex, Poesia and many more. Aside from a local and global roster of artists each plying their trade diligently around the area, several educational initiatives and events have also been put in place including live panel discussions, free art and music schools for the youth, musical events as well as the culmination of the eight day event through a massive block party. This video documents the 2013 festival of POW! WOW! Hawaii.