PRINT SESSIONS SERIES #1-2 from Ground Release on Vimeo.

Ground Release will launch its newest series of Prints online today. Ground Release teamed up with New Era for Print sessions 1 & 2 and they will also be available in a store exhibition November 7th. Ground Release an excellent organization that puts out a quality projects by teaming up with some of today’s best Graffiti/Urban artists. They have done an impressive job curating the new series. Working with artists that are as important in the streets as they are moving into new progressive avenues of art. It is the curating that really sets the bar, working with an amazing lineup of artists Series 1 & 2 will prove to be another success. I wouldn’t waste time as prints will sell out fast.


Ground Release and New Era proudly presents Print Sessions™. A progressive creative project capturing the visual language of some of the worlds leading contemporary graffiti artists. Print Sessions™ celebrates the diversity and originality of an expanding global creative network under the Ground Release umbrella.

Ground Release is an international arts and culture exchange organization based in London, our events bring international and local artists together to create unique and progressive global projects. Ground Release embraces positive aspects of creativity, without losing the rawness and passion that are intrinsic to the core of its movement. Ground Release serves as a creative vehicle for rapid development in communication and exchange between nations. The project has steadily developed to establish itself as a significant and influential corner stone in the international graffiti movement, by providing a fertile platform for expression with the vision to nurture innovation and encourage substancial advances in visual arts.

Ground Release provides a platform for professionals and businesses to be part of a dynamic multi-disciplinary global creative initiative, offering high end projects with scope for collaboration and development in events, marketing campaigns, strategy, audio visuals, installations, bespoke projects, design, live painting and exhibitions.