KILL YOUR MASTER. Collection for King of style™ by Horfee VS. The Grifters™. from Teh Grifters on Vimeo.

Horfee teamed up with The Grifters to put out a limited edition run of clothing on their online store. To promote it they dropped this nice video of Horfee in action working on a wall piece. An impressive painting painted with spray paint and oil stick Horfee once again does things his way outlining in a traditional medium such as oil vs spray paint, always work within the moment and capturing the idea as effectively as possible. Make sure to check out the clothing line Here.


Walking city streets, amongst the grand prefecture and cobblestone, there is an art discipline of the underground, signatures; the political act against today’s corporate conundrum, a rude way for selfish teenagers to be ignorant, a personal representation of self through the subjective medium of art?

Legendary French artist Horfée shares his interpretation through a multi-dimensional discipline. This series of actions are combination of drawings, pictures of walls, and ‘marginal’ museum pieces. Over the past few years, Horfée has been transitioning from painting the city to working on ideas and now drawing on paper.

Being completely devoted for the artist, is the only way to progress in communication with different social layers, if society needs artists, of course being raw is important, as long as it mean something and it’s not only an effect of style. However to H, the most important thing, above the lines, drawings and travels, is to” transmit the feeling I had while doing it.” He draws the importance to being curious and creative. He also urges future generations to continue where he will leave off.

The social position of the artist is about having the privilege of talking for the rest of the population. It’s a luxury. Keeping a critical eye on society is the only important thing, and if you loose it, it’s not art anymore!

The collaboration of Horfee vs. The Grifters™ ‘KILL YOUR MASTER’ for the King of Style™ collection is NOW ONLINE. Twerk your ass – it’s LIMITED EDITION.